Social Media, Friend or Foe?

Yelp can help, But how much

Yelp has more than 127 million reviews, there are 26,380 Yelp reviews posted every minute, and 98% of Yelp users will purchase a business that they found on Yelp. More importantly, 80% of people who use the service, do so with the intent of making a purchase.

Consumers rank Yelp as the most trusted, most influential and most useful for making a final purchase decision when compared to other review sites and search engines.

A positive Yelp review leads to a five to nine percent increase in business revenue. While it’s important to control your social media and search presence, it has become imperative for every business to claim and manage its Yelp page.

What google reviews can do for you?

Google is the number one search provider, with 64% of search traffic worldwide. When users find your business on Google, in addition to finding contact information and addresses, they will see a star rating and reviews from other users.

Google reviews can increase site traffic by improving click-through rates. 56% of Google searchers will click on a business page because of a high star rating or positive review even if the business isn’t the top search result.

16% of people named 'Google' as the most trusted review site second only to Facebook and yelp, meaning that it's utilized by consumers for much more than merely a search tool.

Small businesses are well served by managing their presence on Google since people are 38% more likely to buy from, and 29% more likely to consider a purchase when dealing with a business who has claimed and completed their Google My Business page.

What is the value of Facebook Reviews

It’s likely you are already using Facebook as a marketing tool, but if you aren’t paying attention to the reviews that are being left there, then you’re missing out on a huge part of what the social media provider can provide.

Facebook is second only to Yelp when it comes to confidence in reviews and it’s gaining traction as a review platform.

74% of Facebook users have used the service to find reviews for products and services and 80% of all consumers are more inclined to trust a local company when it has positive facebook reviews.

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