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The SMS Marketing Specialists who help generate better communication between you and your customers, allowing your business to grow.

We provide you with an easy way to keep your customers satisfied and leave their positive review in the areas that matter such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and all other social media platforms.


Within five minutes, 98% of all text messages are read. By utilizing text messaging you're employing the fastest and most reliable way to access all your clients as well as building better relationships with them that become more personal, meaningful, and productive.

Stop Negative Reviews


Our service is designed to help intercept users who might otherwise leave a negative review before they've done so, and give you as a business owner the chance to rectify the situation before your brand or your social media presence has been affected.


  • Improve local SEO so you are easily found
  • Gain feedback to improve your business performance
  • Track, manage and receive reports on the status of your business

It makes sense that on-line reviews and social media reputation is essential to your business, but do you know how critical they really are?

Surveys show that 97% of consumers read on-line reviews and that 85% of them trust those reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend or family member. It’s more important than ever for businesses, specifically small or newer businesses,  to be proactive about what customers are saying about their services and products on-line.

ReviewHound... Turning Text Messaging into Profit!

Benefit from precise, intuitive reports that help you correspond to customer feedback in an instant.

Why use Mass Text Messaging Services...

how do you get your reviews and sms

Text Messaging allows you to engage with your audience directly so you can advertise, promote and announce your events and marketing directly to their Cell Phones.

Since people rarely leave their phones, our Text Marketing Service offers multiple ways to communicate with your clients as soon as possible and keep your business in their palms….literally!